october 19, 2020

four page comic dealing with gender dysphoria and change. nsfw.

Panel 1: View of a boy's back. He is lifting a shirt onto his shoulders. Caption reads, "I don't want anyone to know how much I want. how much. how much I want to change." Panel 2: The boy looks at himself in a mirror. The caption between himself and his reflection reads, "I want to be desirable. I know what I lack."

Panel 1: Caption on the left reads, "I want to move, disappear from here." The main character is walking towards the right of the panel, dragging luggage behind him.
Panel 2: An upward view of an airplane zooming across a cloudy sky. The caption reads, "abandon my friends, and never look back."
Panel 3: In the boy's hands are glasses with tears on the lenses. He is wiping them away with a tissue. Caption reads, "what do I have to cry for? I thought I'd die young. I could die young."

Panel 1: Caption on the left reads, "I want to breakdown and rework this body." The main character is in the center of the scene, in a low plank position, lifting himself up with his left hand, shaking. Caption on the right reads, "there are others who feel the same."
Panel 2: Caption reads, "a boy coming out at 17, the same age I did, is cursing god for not giving him a dick.

Three panels depicting gay sex fall from the top left to the middle-right of the page. The first left-most panel depicts anal sex. A second smaller panel to the lower right of the first depicts a blowjob. The third panel to the lower right of the second depicts frotting. A side-view of the main character standing below the first panel, shirt pulled up by his mouth, exposing a scarred chest. He is reaching down to his crotch, pants and underwear hanging low. The caption reads, "we can't fuck our boyfriends the way we think about when we pleasure ourselves alone."
The final panel at the bottom of the page depicts the main character, shirtless. We only see his upper torso, and the lower have of his face. His right hand is lifted to his open mouth. The caption to his right reads, "as though anyone asked for the body they inhabit."