I left a note saying I’d be back. I was going into a dream with a few people. There was something we all needed to see. When we got in, the setting was somewhat apocalyptic, but everything was calm. The person leading us told us not to get hit by the dragons’ shots of fire. The place was huge. Resembled a shopping outlet. We kept walking. There was a spot where people just sat and didn’t move away from there. The leader had told us that they were all stuck there for some reason. And if they were pulled away that something bad would happen in the long run, so it was best to leave them alone. As we walked by all of the people sitting, I looked at all of them, and I saw my mum sitting there as well. It was as though I expected it. I stopped for a moment. She noticed me and asked, “Yes?” I just said, “Nothing. I know..” and kept walking. Once out of sight, I fell to my knees and cried. Someone came behind me and tried comforting me. I woke up crying.


dream comic